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Thai Google - a blog and forum for discussion and news about both Googles Web and Corporate Presence and development in Thailand

Thai Google Landing page for entry to Thai Google's forums, the Thai Google-Blog and social network about the newly arrived and fast developing Corporate presence of Google Web, and Google Offices in Thailand, the effects, benefits and disadvantages which may arise for Thailand through the Influence of Google on small Businesses and the Thai Google Adwords Campaign, and if Google's Entry into Thailand with the opening of their first Office, will benefit the Employment and Labor situation for Thai people?

Google has now begun stepping up it's marketing and advertising projects in Thailand, and is trying to instigate an extreme rise in the amount of Thai online commerce. However, it is highly probable that the offers and suggestions coming from Google, which seem to be trying to influence People in Thailand, to invest more in online advertising for the websites is deceptive. There are no campaigns to teach people in Thailand how to optimize and successfully execute and market their Ecommerce Projects, And is specifically aimed at getting them to buy advertising for their websites and online stores using Google Adwords. This can help the people of Thailand very little, because what they need is not advertising, rather, to understand the art and science of the modern webmaster

The Thai Google Forums opening date will be announced soon!

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